Mediation campaign


Mediation is a campaign identity we developed for Frost Group. The blurb on their website says, ‘Mediation helps avoid costly court cases, bringing genuine understanding of the issues between parties. It is faster and more cost-effective, offering flexibility and certainty of outcome.’ which essentially encapsulates the brief we were set: to create a campaign identity to reflect the service on offer.

As this is a business-to-business services, the visual approach needed to be, well, business like (avoiding cliches that may be misinterpreted as marital mediation) whilst possessing Frost’s slightly quirky personality. We arrived at the final solution (shown above) after presenting and exploring a number of different options with client.

The result is this beautiful illustration. The main royalty-free illustration of the man and woman was modified, then enhance with the addition of the hand. A stylised background was added to give the illustration its own identity with all elements blending to create this beautiful image.