Kindness Exchange


A project by Thoughtful to promote kindness to make life a little bit nicer.

It may seem a fanciful aim, but there is serious ideology behind the Kindness Exchange project. We live in a society where our values are radically changing around wealth generation and upward mobility. With such single-mindedness in the pursuit of success, the sacrifices we make are to the detriment of the values relating to community, neighbourhood and kindness to one another. With a disenfranchised younger generation, child poverty in developed countries, volatility in global politics and isolationism becoming the de rigueur, it is easy to think the world is full of selfish people.

We know things can be different if only we behave differently towards one another. The Kindness Exchange project sets out to be an antidote to the growing trend of negativity. How? By encouraging everyone to help someone in need. The need does not need to be great, but the act of helping someone is invaluable.

The Kindness Exchange project is the embodiment of our mantra: to do good everyday. Learn more on the Kindness Exchange website.