EFG London Jazz Festival


In 2016, we were commissioned by Serious (the amazing team behind EFG London Jazz Festival) to rebuild their main website and move it to a new server. So the EFG London Jazz Festival website had no choice but to come along for the ride, however, as it was originally built using and incompatible CMS we needed to first migrate this website into Craft (our preferred CMS).

With little time left before the 2016 festival, updating the design (at the same time as Serious) was too much to undertake so this was a straight port from the original website we inherited.

With the migration complete our next task was to ensure the EFG London Jazz Festival website was optimised to the nth degree so it could cope with the increase in traffic around and during the festival dates. Working with the new host, we configured the server to be super responsive. And using new technologies like Cloudflare, we were able to dramatically reduce load times for the festival’s international audience. The EFG London Jazz Festival website appears simple on the surface, yet a great deal of effort has gone into making it work as efficiently as it does.