Why us?

We are Thoughtful

Thoughtful is a design agency that likes to take the path less trodden. We turn right when everyone else is turning left so we can explore design solutions that others would simply ignore. It is this creative curiosity that allows us to design dapper websites and craft charismatic brands.

Our clients trust us to guide them safely to their destination. It is a journey we take together – every step of the way. So here are a few reason why we think we would make your perfect partner in finding your holy grail…


Trust. It is a powerful commodity. A commodity we hold in high esteem. That’s why you can trust us to be open and honest with you. Trust us to steer you in the right direction if you've never commissioned a website or a designer before. Trust us to be on time and on budget. And you can trust us to always be inquisitive and ask questions so we can ensure we give you what you and your customers need.


We know the importance of commissioning a design agency based on the confidence you have in their ability to design, but you also need to consider the kind of service you will receive. Many of our clients have turned to us after experiencing a poor service elsewhere and then stay with us because they value having a team on their side.

And, yes, we pick up the phone no matter how busy we are and treat every email as if its been flagged as urgent.

Big Ideas

Whether we are designing a new brand or working within an existing one, we always think about the bigger picture landscape. It also matters to us that the same care is applied to designing a sticker as it is to a website, and if we spot something that is not quite right then we will tell you.

We think big, yet care about the small detail.


If you think of the people you have met in your past, you are likely to recollect the ones who had a strong (sometimes extravagant) personality. A company's personality is no different. You remember the bold brands. The one that gave a great service. The one that made you feel special.

When you work with Thoughtful you will soon realise that we are not just designing a website, we are building your company's personality so you can be remembered in the same positive way.


Sometimes our job doesn't begin and end with design. It may require more in-depth analysis of your business to unlock the real goals and to determine the direction it needs take. 

We create hand-crafted strategic marketing plans designed to take you or your company to the next level, to grow your business, enter new markets, launch new products and services. And we can turn that plan into action, with campaigns that deliver results (or just a website) that ticks all the boxes.