The Sheriffs Office website & identity

Client since 2012

The Sheriffs Office are the only High Court Enforcement Officers & Certificated Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) with their own prime time BBC One show. We have been working with The Sheriffs Office for many years helping them establish themselves to be the best in their industry.

A super (fast) website

In 2017, we launched the 2nd iteration of The Sheriffs Office website. The reason behind this latest version was twofold:

  1. Their existing Content Management System, ExpressionEngine, had reached its End of Life so an alternative was needed.
  2. The home page needed a revamp.

What wasn’t needed was an extensive redesign as we have worked hard over the years to establish an instantly recognisable look-and-feel for The Sheriffs Office.

Armed with extensive knowledge about the brand and a new CMS ready, we migrated the website’s content from ExpressionEngine to Craft CMS. We tidied up a few things along the way, improving the search, typography and global footer, but much remained the same.

The home page was redesigned and developed based on analysis of Google Analytic, ensuring it was tailored to provide quick access to the most visited content on the website. If a user can get to the content they are looking for then conversion rates will naturally increase.


More than ever, it is extremely important that websites not only look and function great but perform well. Ensuring your website is hosted on an optimised server is key to how fast the website loads. As part of this project, we also migrated the website to a new host which radically increased the speed of the website. We installed an SSL certificate which is fast becoming an essential requirement, as Google and browser developers are pushing for the entire web to be secure. Without an SSL certificate, your website will soon display an unfriendly 'this site is insecure' message, so it is something you can not ignore.

Online instruction forms


An important part of The Sheriffs Office’s business is to receive instructions from solicitors and members of the general public. There was already a separate website that allowed for online instructions, however, we integrated this into the main website so the users’ journey is seamless.

This multi-part form has be developed to ensure all important information is captured, whilst making it easy for the user to complete.

We have also made it easy for The Sheriffs Office team to extract the data and integrate with their CRM system.

In fact, it proved so successful we are in the process of moving all of their instruction forms online (current count stands at 10).

Final words

Overall, this was a very successful migration project. If your website is currently running on ExpressionEngine 2 and you are thinking of what to do next, then talk to us as we can help.


Images of lions have always been a strong feature of The Sheriffs Office identity, so we were eager to retain them in this design. However, lion's are orange/brown in colour which didn't always complement the blue/red colour palette that forms part of the corporate identity. With this in mind, we converted to monochromatic images which balances well with any colour and also adds an air of sophistication.

There were already a number of existing brochures The Sheriffs Office had for the range of different services they offered, however, these no longer felt like they fitted in with the company's identity that had significantly evolved when we re-designed the website.

We were commissioned to create a unifying design that enhanced the identity and would work across all brochures. As you can see the results are powerful and the look is sophisticated. The range looks cohesive. The client is happy and we are delighted with the results.


Simplicity identity

The Simplicity logo produced for The Sheriffs Office is a simple idea, simply executed.

We received that call. The one that goes, 'We have a conference next week and we'd like to launch a new idea. Can you help?'

We do like a challenge so we said 'sure'.

As a brand, Simplicity needed to feel part of The Sheriffs Office family but convey a different softer message. Why? Well the idea behind Simplicity is that it's an innovative, transparent and ethical approach in enforcing high volumes of judgments on behalf of socially conscious companies. The service is being targeted to companies who are traditionally cautious in their approach in this area. Companies like Telephone and mobile phone networks, Utility companies, Broadband and cable providers etc.

So we kept it simple.

The Simplicity logo uses the same font as the main The Sheriffs Office logo, however, we gave it a glass effect that does a great job of conveying the overarching message of the brand: that the service is transparent and uncomplicated.


Security identity

Created for another subsidiary company, the Security identity needed to be bold, forceful and impenetrable whilst fitting in with The Sheriffs Office family of brands.