The Private Clinic website & identity

Client since 2016


Thoughtful was commissioned by The Private Clinic to establish a fresh new visual language for their primary sales tool: their website.

Original visual for home page

For this project we were not responsible for the build – only the design. Our technical partner JLS IT Consultants managed the build as it was their client who they introduced to Thoughtful, however, our flexible approach means we can efficiently work with external build teams like JLS IT Consultants. 

Our first step was to create a basic style guide which allowed experimentation with different elements of the design. Once the general direction was approved, we then took this initial work to develop the design, initially as wireframes and then flat visuals. This culminated in the creation of a suit of templates that were used by JLS to build the website.

The Logo

The Private Clinic original logo

Original logo

As we consider every angle when working on a project, we often discover areas that could do with some improvement. The Private Clinic’s logo was no exception. When reviewing the logo we discovered that:

  • The logo was not square
  • The font was an unusual variant of the typeface Century 
  • The h ascender in The looked uncomfortable
  • The kerning between the r-i in Private is too tight and a-t too loose
  • The word spacing between of and Harley was too close

As an established brand, it didn’t make sense to suggest a complete redesign, but we did suggest allowing Thoughtful to fine tune the logo. 

The modified logo

New logo

As you can see, not much has changed. We have tightened the kerning and adjusted the proportions to create a more typographically robust presentation of the logo.

This version also uses a different version of Century typeface which is slightly more refined and has a different treatment for its terminals and finials.

Brand guidelines

As we had significantly evolved The Private Clinic’s identity, they commissioned us to produce a document that they could use to formalise their visual language and to help them keep all their communications looking 'on brand'. It was important that this document didn’t end up being a designer’s vanity exercise or become so large that its only use would be as a doorstop, so we kept the guidelines deliberately concise. Thankfully, we were able to deliver brand guidelines that were actually useful and could be easily shared as a PDF.

Next steps

We continue to work with The Private Clinic to regularly review the website, as we all want to make sure it is kept in tip-top condition and continues to match the brand guidelines as closely as possible.