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Client since 2011

In their own words: The Thames Festival Trust's principle objective is to increase the appreciation of rivers and their importance to us all thorough creating and promoting river and river-related art, education and heritage programmes. Thoughtful worked with them to develop their identity and website to do just that.


Our next task was to develop a vibrant colour palette that complemented the 'Dawn blue' colour selected for the logo.

Although blue is a lovely colour, if it was used as the primary colour for the website it would feel too corporate. Adding Coral, Greenery and Zesty Orange to the palette and predominately using these in the design adds a vibrancy that would be otherwise missing.

The Thames Festival Trust never had its own outright identity, so when the decision was made to separate the Trust’s work from Totally Thames (its flagship event) it needed a new identity.

Thames Festival Trust had already undertaken some initial work with an agency, however, we were asked to develop this work further – creating a distinctive colour palette, selecting primary and secondary typefaces and tweaking the logo.

The original logo (left) had some issues with text alignment. The indented word Festival, created uncomfortable negative space (right) which caught the eye. 

We optically adjusted the alignment (left), however, it still felt a little flat and did not represent the dynamic nature of the Trust’s activities. Adding a slight tilt injected a little energy to an otherwise normal logo.

Initial development

With the base identity established, we applied this to various different types of communications with these posters/brochure covers included in the initial presentation. The idea being that the logo acts as a window on the Trust’s activities. This ideas was used as the basis of the design for the website.


As you would expect, the website reflects the look-and-feel established for the identity.


The Thames Festival Trust website adopts a slightly different approach to navigation. It is normal to see a breadcrumb navigation on most websites, however, these are always made a recessive device on the page. From a user’s perspective, a breadcrumb navigation is an immensely useful tool – it provides clear signposting in regards to where you are in the site and a quick way to go back to the previous page (which is what most people do). So, rather than hide this we made it the primary navigation device. 

The full site menu is easily accessible by clicking the menu icon alongside the breadcrumb navigation. This navigation system has been extremely effective and works really well on a content heavy websites like the Thames Festival Trust.

The website will automatically create an image a different crops, using the focal point you’ve selected as the centre point of the image. Can we get an Hallelujah!


Managing images can often be the 'pain point' for content managers – especially when managing a responsive website. There is often the need to upload multiple versions of an image at different sizes and crops, which is simply no fun. We include a tool to ease that particular pain. Thames Festival Trust can now upload a single image, select a focal point and then sit back an let the website do all the work.

The Thames Festival Trust website has been designed specifically to cope with increasing levels of content and provides the client with all the tools they need to continue to inspire and engage.

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