Serious website

Client since 2013

Serious are producers of live jazz, international & contemporary music. They aim to inspire and innovate with everything they do – so they fit Thoughtful like a glove.


Thoughtful have worked closely with Serious for a number of years helping them develop and strengthen their online presence – designing, building and maintaining various websites. 

In 2016, we launched a new website for Serious as part of a larger project which involved migrating a number of their websites from ExpressionEngine to Craft CMS as well as relocate them to a new faster web server.

The new website focuses on simplifying the website’s structure, making it easier for the user to locate content quickly (a failing of their old website). Of course, that wasn’t the only improvement we made. We also designed the website to be responsive so it works on all devices, made better use of images to create a visually rich experience, improved the performance of the website for better SEO, and made the client’s life easier by building the website so it is a doddle to maintain.

Variety and control

Often websites built with a CMS suffer a similar fate: they all look the same and most pages on the website look like they share the same template. So it is important that there is some variety to the layouts throughout the website to make a website feel different – but not at the expense of usability.

Using Craft CMS, the client is in full control. For example, they are able to highlight entries on listing pages and even change the style of the listing page should they choose to do so.

In addition, with the flexible content matrix they have complete control over the order in which content appears on the page, what content appears on each page, and the type of content (be that a video, media embed, text, image gallery etc.). With so much control at their fingertips, the Serious website succeeds in delivering great content in an engaging way.

The importance of good hosting

An often overlooked area, hosting is an essential ingredient of a successful website. If the server your website is hosted on is not optimised for, well, optimum performance then all the effort that goes into making a beautiful website is negated by slow loading times.

For Serious, we worked closely with the host to fine tune the server to offer the best possible performance so the website loads fast! And we do mean fast. Web pages on most website normally take anything between 1.5 seconds to 10 seconds to load. For good SEO, 1 second is the usual target. The Serious website typically loads in 600-700 milliseconds.

So everyone is happy. The website looks great and it loads fast – a perfect combination.

The blue DOMContentLoaded: 609 ms means this particular page loaded in under 1 second


  • Serious website 2013 - 2016

    Thoughtful inherited this website from Serious’ previous developers and maintained it for 3 years.

  • Serious website 2016

    The new look responsive website designed, built, cared and loved for by Thoughtful.