K-music website

Client since 2017

K-music is a celebration of Korea’s diverse musical talent. A festival with electrifying events from all across the musical spectrum, with each performer exploring new boundaries within their particular genre.


Thoughtful were commissioned by the Korean Cultural Centre UK (located on The Strand, London) to build a website to promote their popular K-music festival. 

Having seen the new website we built for their festival partner Serious, they decided we would make their perfect web design partner. Their admiration for Serious’ website isn’t that surprising considering there are many similarities between their identities: a strong typographic logo and a striking black and red colour palette. And they both love music.

Although there are these similarities and a clear admiration for what we achieved with Serious, we couldn’t and wouldn’t want to simply emulate Serious’ website. It was important for us to conceive a design that reflected K-music’s personality: a balance of edgey rock and classic traditionalism. And as the website’s primary goal is to entice a UK audience to explore and learn more about Korean culture via its music, the website needed to be visually appealing to all. Thankfully, we achieved everything we set out to do.

Thank you for your team's hard work on our festival website. We are very excited to see it live and extremely pleased with the end result.

Hyerim Son, Korean Cultural Centre UK

Tiny details, big impact


Apart form the dark restrictive colour palette, one of our subtle design features is the red vertical stripe along the right edge of the page. This graphic device not only gives the website a unique look-and-feel, but also helps frame the content, which is all set to the left edge of the page. 

We accentuated this design feature by making the event panels (on hover) change to have a red background that stretches to meet the red stripe.


In all honesty, there are too many areas of the website worthy of a mention. Things like the custom plugin we developed so the client can add a registration form to events that track the number of tickets requested. However, some of the more obvious design flourishes include the main menu system we developed that pushes out from the edge of the page. A nice simple way to ensure the navigation is available on every page without it needing to be a fussy visible element.


Every page on this website is visually interesting, so here is a selection of images for you to peruse. Of course, the best way to see the website is to visit it.