Farmers Weekly subscription websites

Client since 2012

Farmers Weekly is the UK's favourite farming magazine and we work with them to promote the magazine and encourage subscriptions.

2016 Subscription campaign

One of the five templates we created for the 2016 Farmers Weekly subscription campaign
The 2016 Farmers Weekly subscription page that includes the new Web+ option

Like all of the campaigns for Farmers Weekly, these subscription pages have an ultimate goal: to encourage users to press the subscribe button. And like so many subscription pages, Farmers Weekly is available in a number of different packages so ensuring the information is conveyed in a simple and effective manner is paramount.

To complicate things a little, the 2016 campaign had a new package (Web+) which allows unfettered access to the website that now sits behind a paywall – hence the need for five different subscription templates as the weighting for the packages change depending on how the user arrives at the page.

Responsive image

Rather than simply reduce the main image, we took advantage of new features available to modern browsers where we can dynamically replace images at different screen sizes, so on a mobile layout we can render a more compact version of the main image.


Thoughtful Web are a fantastic company to work with. They are professional, approachable and extremely knowledgeable about online design and optimisation. They take the time to get to know your brand and their designs are always well thought out and attractive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Thoughtful Web to any of my contacts.

Luise Mulholland, Senior Marketing Manager Reed Business Information (Farmers Weekly)

2015 Subscription campaign

This campaign, released in 2015, was conceived around the idea of social proofing. Rather than encourage people to subscribe solely on the benefits that are often used as a persuader, this campaign leads with a bold headline designed to imply that by subscribing the potential subscriber will be like their peers. The idea of 'missing out' or not being 'part of the crowd' is a powerful tool.

The design is light, modern, fresh and deliberately avoiding the usual clichés.

The design is also responsive, so it works as brilliantly on a small screen device as it does on the desktop. Tailoring the page in this way maximises the chances of converting a user into a subscriber.

Google keyword landing page campaign

The team at Farmers Weekly came to us with quite a shopping list: 7 genre-specific landing pages (with 30 sub pages), 4 regional landing pages (with 20 sub pages), 1 student special offer landing page (with 5 sub pages), 1 classified landing page and 2 responsive general subscription landing pages. Phew!

Thoughtful worked with the Farmers Weekly team – which included experts in the fields of SEO, SEM, marketing and editorial – to roll-out this extensive project over the course of 4 months. The goal was to develop a design that would share targeted information to users who landed on these pages as a result of an organic search or by clicking a Google Keyword advert – hence the reason for the variety of landing pages each focussed on a specific subject matter.

Great care was taken to ensure the templates were built to be flexible and in a manner that made them optimal for Search Engines. Most of the landing pages were designed specifically for desktop users, however, the subscription pages were built to also work on mobile devices. There were two versions developed (long and short form) as the team at Farmers Weekly intend to run A/B spit testing to see which performs better. And they also plan to analyse the conversion rates to see what platform (mobile or desktop) proves the most popular.

Farmers Weekly gift subscription campaign

As the Farmers Weekly website had recently been put behind a pay wall, the subscribe to Farmers Weekly campaign made no sense once the user had logged in. It needed a replacement. So we created this buy a gift subscription to Farmers Weekly campaign.

The purpose of this campaign was simple: encourage existing subscribers to give a subscription to Farmers Weekly as a gift. However, the caveat was that this campaign would run year long so it could not be associated with any of the main holidays or event like Christmas or Birthdays.So we devised a concept that played on the idea of the perfect gift with a little tongue-in-cheek humour.

We rolled out this concept across a number of banner ads and the landing page. The bold colours combined with the handwritten typeface and quirky images makes this campaign eye-catching and hopefully very successful.