Bremont website

Client since 2013

Bremont are an award-winning British watch company producing beautifully engineered chronometers that they sell to a captive international audience.

Project update

A new version of the Bremont website was launched in May 2017 

New case study

Meet the responsive, internationalised, user friendly, client friendly Bremont website

The Bremont website home page

This was, without doubt, an ambitious project. Thoughtful were asked to take the original website and remodel it to provide a better experience – both for the user and the client. 

On the surface this sounds like every other web design brief, however, it had many other requirements. Requirements like devising a flexible design system so the client could create unique layouts that works on small devices as well as large screens, in multiple languages – all in a new Content Management System. The design needed be modern, but still exude Bremont’s core values and not stray too far away from the established and sophisticated look-and-feel.

It is the kind of brief we relish!

The Collection

The Collection listing page from the Bremont website

Bremont’s collection is understandably their jewel in the crown, so it is paramount that the watches are showcased in such a desirable way that potential customers converts into a paying customers.

Most user’s journeys begin on the collection page which provides quick access to the entire range, split between the core collection, special editions and new releases.

As Bremont’s collection is already large (and expanding), it was important that we found a way to give the user an instant understanding of all that is available, whilst not overwhelming them with too many options. Our solution was to intelligently display the watches so that any range containing more than 3 watches activates a content slider. This way the user can still view the entire range all on the same page. 

From this page, the user can locate (and directly link to) the model they are interested in, or view information about the entire range.

The range overview

The America’s Cup range page from the Bremont website

The range overview offers the client the opportunity to present the range’s unique selling points to the potential customer in a dynamic and stimulating way. 

In this example for the America’s Cup range, the client has embedded a full-width video, talked about the partnership, pulled in a Twitter feed and related news articles. The layout for each range – and every page on the site – is controlled by the client using the flexible content matrix. This means the client can tailor the design to fit the content, creating a website that looks and feels different because it does not rely on rigid templates.

Bremont’s customers care as much about the history behind each range as much as Bremont do, so these range overview pages provide the perfect pedestal to impress. And as they can be tailored to match the particular design aesthetic of each range and partner brand, they almost act as mini micro-sites.

From here, the user continues their journey to the model overview page…

Model overview

Bremont model overview page

There is a lot to say about each model in the range. In fact, too much to display on the same page without it looking cluttered. Therefore, the in-page tab navigation helps segment the content creating a simplified, more focussed user experience.

Although Bremont does not sell directly to the public, users are still encouraged to find their nearest authorised dealer or Bremont Boutique with a nifty global 'find your nearest store' tool.

Product viewer


Unsurprisingly, the watch needed to be presented in its best light, so we included a cool product viewer feature, where the user can switch images and zoom in to view greater detail – on a desktop or touch-screen devices.

Other notable features on the Bremont website

Contact page (with form) on the Bremont website

Form builder

Forms play a big part on the Bremont website, so we created a form builder that allows Bremont to create their own forms on any page. More importantly, they all hook up to their CRM system simplifying the management of their data.

Multiple languages

Another important reason for redeveloping the website was their growing need to meet the demands of their international audience. It was the main reason to swap to our preferred Content Management System, as it has great internationalisation support built-in. On launch, the Bremont website was available in French, Spanish, German and Chinese with more languages to be added in the future.