Athena CMRS website & identity

Client since 2011

Athena Credit Management & Risk Solutions offer world-class services to the Credit and Risk industry to help companies reduce their lending risk and increase their chance of recovering non-performing loans.

Credit Today advertising campaign

When you are new to the market, what better way to introduce yourself than by making a big splash (on the back cover of your industry's leading magazine). Over a six months period, Athena ran this series of adverts to promote their company and services to their industry peers and potential customers. And like all good adverts, they speak for themselves – so we'll let them do just that.

Simon and the team at Thoughtful have helped our company create an identity which makes us stand out from our competitors in our industry. From day one they have challenged our creative ideas which has meant we have a corporate image that we could not have imagined on our own.

The way they get to know your business and get to the heart of it so they can portray this through imagery and words is second to none. We initially used them for our website but they have become an important part of our Marketing strategy and we use them for our Ads, flyers, e-shots and hand-outs.

Simon and the team are always reliable and turnaround work to some very tight deadlines but they never seem to drop the quality of what they deliver despite time constraints. Anyone looking for a creative partner for their business should look no further than Thoughtful.

Tony Lazell, Group CEO, Athena CMRS


Athena CMRS knew they needed a website for their new company, but they also needed solid advice, reliable support, high quality design and a friendly service. Sounds like a job for Thoughtful.

Athena CMRS approached Thoughtful as they knew they needed a professional looking website to appeal to their professional audience: predominantly Banks and Debt Recovery Agencies.

They had a business card. They had a logo. They knew the kind of information they wanted on their website, but they didn't know how to talk to their audience.

The design solution we arrived at marries the simple sophisticated look-and-feel Athena CMRS aspired to, however, it is punctuated with quirky elements that express their personality.

Content Management

Athena CMRS were looking for a long-term partner to support them as they grew. And boy did they grow. Whilst working with them to build this website, they went from a team of 2 to 22. 

We've enjoyed watching their meteoric rise as much as they have, however, we were eager (for their sake) that they weren't reliant on our intervention every time they wanted to make an update on their website – say, for example, add a new member of staff. Therefore, it is a good thing that their website was built with a reliable content management system. Athena CMRS now has a CMS that provides them with full control over the content on their website. Of course, we are always on hand to help out whenever they need us.

The extra touches

We lavish as much care on a relatively simple site such as this, as we would if we were designing a website for a large international organisation. And we are uncompromising when it comes to paying attention to the little details, ensuring the site provides a seamless user experience for both the client as well as the person visiting the website.

It's these little touches that provide a more engaging user experience. For Athena, the home page contains several Hero banners. Nothing too unusual here, however, we've gone the extra mile and created a parallax image slider (notice how each element appears on a different layer and completes the picture with different timing). We know that not everyone will spot these tiny flourishes, but they don't need to. The accumulative effect of these often invisible elements help create an atmosphere and sparkle that elevates Athena CMRS above their competitors.


After the success of the advertising campaign, we were asked to update their services leaflets (2 examples above from a range of 12).

The brief was simple. Athena needed a range of leaflets to promote their services. The only consideration was that they would use these mainly at exhibitions, displayed within leaflet racks. The solution was simple too. We had already established a strong visual aesthetic for the advertising campaign, but we need to make sure that this was suitable for the context in which this communication would be used: in leaflet racks.

Thankfully, the bright flat colour and striking image does a great job of attracting attention, so we made sure the typography was equally legible from a distance. And the reverse side of the 2-sided A4 leaflets continues the strong look-and-feel of the front and conveys the key points for each service.