Craft & Spektrix

If you have arrived at this page then the chances are that you already know about Spektrix. In case you don’t (or you need a reminder) then Spektrix is powerful and easy-to-use ticketing, marketing and fundraising software. We love it and we have experience integrating Spektrix into websites so they work together in perfect harmony.

There are a couple of ways to integrate Spektrix into your existing website and the method we employ varies depending on the client’s needs. For websites with a handful of events, copying the unique Spektrix Web ID and pasting that into the Content Management System (CMS) can be the simplest method. For more complex website with a large number of events we automatically import all the Spektrix event data into the CMS using the Spektrix APIv2.

Either way, the integration is seamless and your users will enjoy a smooth experience when booking tickets.

Spektrix is great for handling ticket bookings, audience analysis and post sales marketing but providing engaging dynamic content to promote the event is best left to a capable Content Management System. That’s where we know we can offer you something different…

Craft is a modern, beautifully crafted (excuse the pun) Content Management System and for a modest price it comes fully loaded with all the tools you need to run a modern website. It is quick to learn and easy to use. It is adaptable so it can grow as your website grows and, as you can tell, we think it is great.

Their website does a great job highlighting the main features, but here are a few we think you will love:

  • Live preview – lets you see the page you’re working on before publishing the update. What’s more you can see the changes as you type!
  • Full publishing workflow – save pages as drafts so you or a colleague can review the changes before publishing; make a mistake, then you can roll back to a previous version (and preview it first using live preview), save notes for each version to make it easier to track changes.
  • Entry types – this allows the creation of multiple publish forms for the same section that in turn allow for different content to published, i.e. A news article may contain different types of entries, one that links to a full page of content the other linking to an external website. By selecting the appropriate entry type you are only presented with the fields you need to complete for that entry type.
  • Field types – the core version of Craft comes with a plethora of field types to suit most builds. This reduces the dependency on third-party plugins that can destabilise a website over time as they are not updated as quickly as the core product.
  • One-click updating – another benefit of having little to no reliance on third-party plugins is the robustness of the one-click updating (admin only). This means it is easy to deploy an update without fear of everything breaking.
  • Responsive control panel - it is possible to use Craft on your tablet as well as your desktop.
  • Matrix – Craft’s trump card, the matrix field provides endless possibilities when controlling your content and the page layout.
  • Assets – manage all your images (locally or on a CDN) centrally. Create your own folders and move images between them without worry as any page using them will be automatically updated.
  • Localisation – without doubt, Craft is the best CMS we’ve come across for managing content that targets different locales. It is a case of simply switching between languages on the publish form page and adding the relevant content.

The combination of Spektrix and Craft CMS makes a powerful mix and certainly, in our biased opinion, a great solution for any theatre, venue, production company large or small.

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