Five Acts of Kindness

In celebration of our 5th birthday, we plan to give something back. Do something kind. Make a small gesture that will have a big impact. We have been working hard to fulfil our pledge and we are pleased to say we succeeded.

Act One: Care packages for the homeless

Assembling the care packs for the homeless in Maidstone

Five (in fact there were seven) packages for the homeless in Maidstone, Kent

On a recent visit to Maidstone town centre, we were struck by the number of homeless people living on the street. It was shocking to see so many young people, which was in sharp contrast to the stereotypical image we conjure up when thinking of the homeless. We know this isn’t a problem we can solve, however, we can support the organisations that already do so much for the homeless by donating a few food/care packages.

In 2016, we had screen printed some Thoughtful t-shirts that we were planning to give away to clients, however, we decided to divert these to the Maidstone Churches Winter Shelter project and use the t-shirts as wrapping paper for our care parcels. Sorry clients, we hope you don’t mind!

Should you be inspired to do the same then please visit the Maidstone Churches Winter Shelter website or find any local organisation that helps the homeless.

Act 2: Collecting for Porchlight

Simon adding a coin (not taking one away)

It is easy to dismiss the idea of helping others because ‘it is too much effort’ or ‘it will take too much time’, but even small gestures can have a big impact. Thoughtful is based in Capital Space Business Centre, Kings Hill and we are surrounded by many businesses, with many employees. It would be easy for us to canvas each business and ask for a donation, but we intend to try something different. With the permission of the fantastic management team at Capital Space Business Centre we placed a board in reception that had double sided sticky tape on it. With some simple instructions, visitors would be encouraged to attach their spare change to complete the picture of the Porchlight logo. This is how we got on…

Update 13.04.2017

We are not doing too bad, but could do better. The board is nearly half full. We have our fingers-and-toes crossed that we can meet our target!

Update 01.16.2017

We did it! June 2017 and we raised £160 (plus an extra 40p) with a little help from our friends.

Our gratitude to everyone who made a donation – especially MEB Design who completed the logo by adding the last 50p and Capital Space for supporting the campaign.

Act 3: An exchange of kindness

A new vibrant identity for a new project to spread kindness (conceived by Thoughtful)

We have really enjoyed thinking of different ways we can fulfil our goal to perform five acts of kindness and for our third act we decided to focus on the bigger picture.

We asked ourselves why we started this project and the answer was simply because we want to make the world a better place. Our five small acts would have fulfil our pledge, but we wanted to ensure our efforts didn’t end with this project.

We decided that the best way for us to spread our message of doing good everyday is by developing a standalone project – hence Kindness Exchange.

The Kindness Exchange project aims are twofold: to educate people about the powerful benefits kindness can have on society and to connect organisations/individuals with volunteers. You can learn more about the project (and get involved) by visiting the Kindness Exchange website.

Act 4: Yes we can!

They did their bit, so we thought we should do something too.

This Christmas (2017), the Thoughtful team have decided to donate our time to build YouCan, a local charity, a fantastic new website.

YouCan supports young people whose lives have been impacted by cancer. They provide workshops and short breaks to build self-esteem, encourage peer support and friendship and help young people face the future with increased confidence.

Whilst we are busy building them their new website, you can find our more on their old website or you may feel inclined to donate a few pennies…

Act 5: We are lending with care

Jose francisco Acaro, a farmer from Ecuador

We did it. We have finally completed all five acts of kindness and we are thrilled that our final act is to help Jose francisco Acaro, a farmer from Ecuador.

Using the fantastic Microfinance website LendWithCare we provided a £60 loan to help him reach his £2408.76 target. At the time of publishing, he had reached 81% of his total goal, so there is still time for you to help Don Jose or any of the other amazing Entrepreneurs.

If you are interested, here’s how it works…

We are thrilled that this small donation will help people the other side of the world. We are also thrilled to have completed our challenge and encourage you to find ways you can make a difference.