Maestro Arts website

Client since 2015

Maestro Arts provide representation for conductors, composers, visual artists, designers and directors – uniting outstanding performers from the world of classical music with innovative visual artists, international venues and arts organisations. So their new website needed to appeal to an aesthetically astute audience.

A beautiful responsive website

The Maestro Arts website visually enticing home page

We were thrilled to be asked by Maestro Arts to build them a new website to help them better communicate with their audience, and we are equally thrilled with the result.

We could wax lyrical about the many beautiful touches on this website, but the best way to experience it is by visiting it.

Total flexibility

The Maestro Arts website artist page

The flexibility Craft CMS provides allows the client to create pages that look visually extravagant as well as looking very different. These two artist information pages, for instance, contain differing levels of content – all controlled by the client.

As the user the scrolls down the page, the rich imagery and brightly coloured panels (inspired by the transitioning colours used in the logo) ensure they continue to engage with all the content.

Of course, as complex as this page looks, it is fully responsive to provide an equally enriching experiencing on small screen mobile devices as well as the desktop.


You might imagine that with so many images this website feels sluggish, but with intelligent use of lazy loading, template cache and a fast web server the website is as snappy as Speedy Gonzales.

The Maestro Arts website extra long artist page

Even the contact page looks great!

The visually rich contact page from the Maestro Arts website

And watching one of the many videos can be a visual treat too…

Example of the video player page from the Maestro Arts website