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The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) is the UK's professional body for musicians. They promote the importance of music and protects the rights of those working within music with a range of campaigns, support and practical advice. And we love them.

ISM Website

The home page is a balance between minimalist elegance and lots of content
An interior page from the ISM website, showing the improved navigation allow its users to access information quickly.

We have been working with the Incorporated Society of Musicians for a number of years, helping them with their online strategies. In 2013 we evolved the existing design to be responsive and in 2016 we launched a new website.

The new website was an exercise in design restraint as the client did not want to deviate to far away from the existing look-and-feel, however, we didn’t just roll out the existing design. We made sure there were improvements made to the website’s usability and although it uses a muted palette, we punctuated this with bright colour to flag the main Call To Actions.

We also restructured the content so it was more logically grouped and easier for users to find the content they are most interested in. For example, the home page (above) is much more useful than its previous incarnation, providing links to the most visited sections of the website.

There are really too many improvements to detail in this case study, but one of the most important changes we made was to migrate the website to a new content management system (Craft CMS) so the client’s experience of managing the vast amount of content is greatly improved.

Trusted with the ISM Trust

The ISM Trust home page shamelessly emulates the home page

ISM Trust website

With the success of launching the new ISM website under our belt, we were asked to duplicate the site structure and use it for a standalone website for the ISM Trust. 

As you can see, we didn’t changed much with the exception of the logo and primary colour palette. This approach not only makes it easy for the client to maintain (as familiarity really pays off in this scenario), it also helps the user more easily identify the website as being part of the ISM family as their only contact point (up to this point) will have been with brand.

With automatic data import from the main website, managing this website is a breeze for the client.

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