Illustration of Indiana Jones holding a torch in his left hand and his signature whip in the right. On the floor next to him lies a chest full of diamonds (in the Thoughtful blue colour).

Be more like Indiana Jones than Indiana Smith

Thoughtful is a design agency that likes to take the path less trodden. We turn right when everyone else is turning left so we can explore design solutions that others would simply ignore. It is this creative curiosity that allows us to design dapper websites and craft charasmatic brands.

Our clients trust us to guide them safely to their destination. It is a journey we take together – every step of the way. So let us start planning your journey and discover where it will take us.

Here are some of the few businesses and cultural organisations (intrepid explorers) we have helped to find their holy grail…

Some of our work

An illustration of a man with glasses holding a presentation stick.
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